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Sponsorship & Donations

Sponsors are central players in the unfolding of the Leeton Eisteddfod story. Without you, this one-of-a-kind event could not take place.

Leeton Eisteddfod is a not- for- profit organization that relies heavily on sponsorship and donations


We pride ourselves on the level of community participation the Leeton Eisteddfod has always enjoyed, and the wealth of outstanding talent we have fostered through our month-long Festival of the Arts.


Music, Speech and Drama, Ballet and Dance, Choirs, Literature, Singing - individual and group events - there is something for everyone at the Leeton Eisteddfod.


We are requesting program advertising sponsors. Sponsors will have a company logo displayed in the 2022 Leeton Eisteddfod Program. All programs will be available via print and on line to download via our website.


Sponsorship costs:

• Full Page $110

• Half Page $70

• Quarter Page $45


If you would like to become a program sponsor or would like to make a donation, please email or complete the attached form.

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